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Back in the 1980’s Sign-making was a different kettle of fish; brushes were still king and vinyl lettering was painstakingly cut by hand. This was the world that Paul Seeley (Dorset Sign Companys owner) started in; where hand skill and a good eye were needed just to make a living.

Today computers are common, but the necessary grounding in letter form and good design are often, sadly, missing. Experience and creativity cannot be learned overnight. Do you want just a sign or something that has been created for you?

A little history

Other stuff

In addition to training in Art & Design Paul has also worked as a prop-maker. This work included Honey Monster, Smash Martians and Orville. He has also sold paintings and prints commercially - expressing ideas creatively is what he does.

When not  making signs you will often find him creating other things such as this balsa and tissue model that will fly on it’s own tiny rubber motor.