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A little bit of history

The 1980’s were  a time when brushes were still king and vinyl lettering was often cut out by hand. This was when Paul Seeley (Dorset Sign Company’s owner) started making signs; a world where hand skills and a good eye were needed just to make a living.

Of course it’s much easier these days - just buy a machine to cut or print vinyl add a name and you have a ‘Sign’ company. The question is will this company have the background in design and  presentation to make my business stand out in a world of signs.

In addition to training in Art & Design Paul has also worked as a prop maker helping create Honey Monster and the Smash Martians as well as others. He has sold his own paintings and prints of his work - expressing ideas creatively is what he does.

When not making signs you will often find him creating other things such as this tiny model made from tissue and balsa wood that will fly on it’s own rubber motor.